Equine and Canine Herbal Biscuits

Granny Reilly Herbal biscuits have been designed around the needs of the animal and the ease of treatment.

We all want our animals to have the best quality of life possible and at times they need assistance.  Its at these times we can find tablets, liquids and pastes quite hard to get our animals to swallow.  So Granny Reilly has a drug free solution that can be used in competitive animals.  We have baked our herbal remedies into a biscuit the horses and dogs love to eat. Each treat sized biscuit contains the correct dosage for a 250kg horse (equine biscuits) or a 30kg dog (canine biscuits). Animals should always be treated by weight. 

Currently we have three herbal biscuits available for different purposes.  Firstly there is the Instant Calm. Instant calm is an anti anxiety that can be used to relieve the animal of those anxious feelings allowing them to relax and concentrate on the job at hand.  instant calm works within half an hour and lasts for 3-4 hours only.  Instant calm does not have a drugging effects that would dim the animals ability to think rather the animal has all functions and can be trained whilst under the relaxing effects of instant calm.  This is particularly useful for animals when traveling, competing, during storms or loud noises such as fireworks and other events.

Secondly we have our Rest Easy.  Rest Easy is a safe and gentle on the stomach anti inflammatory and pain relieving biscuit.  This is wonderful for minor bumps incurred on the way to competition, for treatment at home or recovery from surgery or on going age related problems.  This product is a must have for your traveling vet bag.

Finally we have Rejuvenate the highest grade glucosamine chondroitin for joint health and revitalisation.  This biscuit needs to be fed on an ongoing basis and has truly remarkable results. Our own elderly members (Bronte a competitive child's pony and Sketchy the working farm kelpie dog) have had remarkable results and it is a pleasure to see them running around the farms once more.  Our biscuits are designed around needs we see our animals presenting to make their life comfortable be assured we use all our products regularly on our own animals with fantastic results.

To improve the horses acceptance of the herbal biscuits (the herbs do change the flavour a small degree) we recommend using our training treats on a regular basis.  Our training treats contain our secret Granny Reilly Formula, vitamins and minerals. Making them a very healthy treat whilst introducing them to the taste and texture of the biscuits. of course our training treats can be used as rewards and treats whenever required or desired. 



Granny Reilly produces nutritionally balanced wholesome foods such as hays, chaffs, concentrates, grains, treats and herbal biscuits to make feeding easy. We have several purpose made mixes to suit every need, all made from our quality home grown ingredients on our chemically-free paddocks.


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